You have a choice of three Programmes. Consultations are with Marie and are done by phone from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is convenient for you. Evening appointments are available if required.

  1. Month Long Programme – 120 Euros
  2. Single consultation – 50 Euros
  3. Absent Healing – 30 Euros

The approach used by Marie is exactly the same for each Programme. She uses a Holistic approach which takes into account every aspect of a person’s life; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.


Very often because of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, too little sleep or because of a lot of stress from fast and demanding lifestyles, physical health may not be up to par. It is at this stage that the Immune System can become weakened and as a result illnesses can occur.

In other situations, Psychological/ Emotional or Spiritual needs may not be met.

Because Marie’s programmes include working on all of these states, it is possible to experience a much enhanced level of wellbeing.

There are three basic elements to the individual programmes that are drawn up. These are based on the essential components which assist the process of repair in the body and which ultimately lead to a much better state of health. This automatically leads to a higher level of energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life.


There is a very strong and clear relationship between what we eat and our state of health. Depending on the condition, Marie advises people to avoid foods that are unsuitable or that may be aggravating the symptoms. She then suggests foods that help to repair and nourish the body i.e. fresh, health promoting foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Nutritional Supplements

The body is made up of millions of cells, each with very specific functions to carry out. In order to do their job efficiently, the cells need to be fed with exactly what they require. Ideally this fuel should come from food. However, when a person gets to the point where there are symptoms, it means that the body simply does not have the correct or sufficient fuel to repair or heal.

Marie recommends the use of specific, good quality Vitamin and Mineral supplements to overcome long-term shortages and to supply exactly what is lacking. Once the shortages are replaced, the symptoms disappear and natural good health is restored.


Throughout the course of the programme, Marie does Absent Healing for her Clients. This helps improve a person’s own innate ability to repair and heal. It also helps to address deep-seated stress and tension. Marie sees the healing as an integral part of the whole process of returning to a good state of health.

1: Month Long Programme – 120 Euros

This Programme consists of three consultations with Marie by phone and Absent Healing daily (done by Marie) for a month. During the initial consultation a thorough case history will be taken. This will include checking your full medical history, paying particular attention to the presenting problem and looking at any other conditions you may have.

Your medications, if any will be noted. The programme will not interfere in any way with your medical treatment and more often than not, will improve the effectiveness of your drug treatment.

Your present lifestyle patterns will be noted, in particular your diet, your level of exercise, your stress levels and what might be contributing to this eg. job, family commitments etc.

After this initial consultation, an individual programme is drawn up and emailed to you within twenty-four hours. This will include recommendations on diet, nutritional supplements, (you will be advised where to get the particular supplements which are recommended) and relaxation techniques, where relevant.

A second phone consultation takes place a fortnight later. Your situation is reviewed and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about the programme. If any changes are made these will be discussed and will again be emailed to you within twenty-four hours.

A final phone consultation will take place in a further two weeks. Again your condition is reviewed. At this stage, in order to prevent a recurrence of the symptoms, a long –term maintenance programme is drawn up and emailed to you.

Throughout the month Absent Healing is done for you every day. This is done at the same time each day and you will be invited to join in if that is convenient for you.




2: Single consultation – 50 Euros

You may not have a particular problem but you may simply want to improve your overall level of health and get the most out of life. You may feel your energy is low, feel run down or feel stressed and anxious.

In this situation, a single consultation which includes advice on diet and nutritional status can help enormously to maximise your health. It includes a phone conversation with Marie during which a full and detailed case history is taken, as for the month long programme. After a thorough discussion of your situation, recommendations will be emailed to you outlining advice on diet, nutritional supplements and relaxation techniques where relevant.

Absent Healing is done for you each day for a month. This is done at the same time every day and you will be invited to join in if that is convenient for you.




3: Absent Healing – 30 Euros

If you request Absent Healing, you will be required to fill out a form detailing on what area of your life you want the healing to focus. This could include a physical problem or an emotional/psychological problem or both. Absent Healing is then done for you each day for a month. It is done at the same time every day and you will be invited to join in if that is convenient for you. It is also possible to request Absent Healing for someone else.


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